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Aircraft Maintenance

Bachelor in AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE at Kharkiv University of Air Force is a balanced practical and theory-based course for the license element, and a professional engineering degree course.

This course gives you access to real aircraft experience. We are the only University in Ukraine that has integrated the industry-standard aircraft maintenance qualification with an Honors degree, and deliver it on campus.

The program is designed primarily to provide a higher education funded path to a career as a licensed aircraft maintenance engineer in the aircraft industry. However, it also provides an alternative to the more commonly found aerospace design courses for those wishing to seek employment in other areas of the aviation industry such as maintenance planning and control, product development, technical services and other support departments.

In addition to academic modules, you will take work-based modules that provide you with hands-on experience of aircraft component and equipment replacement, inspection, condition monitoring, and fault diagnosis and rectification. You will also gain an understanding of the work environment and legal requirements relating to the operation of commercial aircraft.

The course covers all of the knowledge requirements specified and provides you with opportunities to practice and develop these skills. You will also gain higher education study skills and other interpersonal skills necessary for completion of the course in the first year. You will develop these skills in the second and third years to improve your career prospects and enable you to complete further study.

This course is designed specifically to set you on the correct path for a career as an aircraft maintenance engineer in the aviation industry and to give you the confidence and skills necessary to become a maintenance manager of the future.