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Airport Technological Facilities

Airport Technological Facilities provides all maintenance activities related to the airside areas to include all areas within the airport perimeter fence. The airside region represents the most safety sensitive areas of the airport and is governed by a myriad of rules and regulations regarding the safe and secure operations of aircraft. Duties include, but are not limited to supervising staff, directing activities, inspecting work performed, assigning work orders, reviewing inspections, preparing reports, and processing associated paperwork. The expert in Work Techniques and Processing Facilities at the Airport safely and efficiently leads the maintenance team in the daily inspection, repair and maintenance of the airside operating area. Key duties include the prioritizing and scheduling of all applicable work orders; performing preventative maintenance; ability to understand and put into practice requirements; collaborate with Airport Operations, Airport Security, Planning & Development, and other agencies and tenants, and to motivate and understand the challenges of the various maintenance crews.

The issues that will be covered in this course are a serious safety concern for airport operators and airlines. Progress continues to be made on a number of technological and procedural fronts. However, more awareness and “hands on” training are needed as the industry works together to find reasonable and effective solutions for best management practices.

This course will provide the opportunity to learn from airport to see how management strategies are developed and how effective techniques can be implemented for the best results. This “hands-on” course, through both training in the classroom and on the airfield, emphasizes the practical application of tools and techniques to assist airports in managing and employing management program. One key advantage will be for attendees to proactively aid their airport to ensure our nation’s airports operate safely.

This course has been designed as an introductory workshop to airport management tools and techniques. In addition, multiple hands-on opportunities to work with capture, harassment and lethal control tools will be offered.

Attendees will be provided with the latest information to assist their airports in effective implementation of their wildlife hazard management plans. Attendees will able to see how techniques are applied and technology is deployed in the field.