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Sports at the University

Sports at the University

Mass sports work at Kharkiv Air Force University is focused to attract servicemen and their families in a regular exercise applications and sports, improving sports skills and physical fitness exercises under Sports Complex and exciting leisure functions.

Sports team of the University take regular part in the Olympics between higher aircraft educational institutions and championships worldwide. Thus, in 2011 the University took third place at Olympics among Ministry of Defense Armed Forces of Ukraine, and correspondingly fourth place in 2012.

In October 2012, the Armed Forces of Ukraine conducted 20 review fitness and Sport Mass Work among the higher air force educational institutions, whereas Kharkiv Air Force University joined an active participation.

Great attention is paid by the University in order to involve Command troops to regular physical training and sports. Since 2008, the university held sports numerous types of competitions: volleyball, mini-football, swimming, ski racing, chess, shooting. They involved 12 teams from University departments and faculties, with the plenty of officers, warrant officers, aircraft servicemen and teachers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Traditionally mass sports events are present with the dedication to the opening of the summer sports season and athlete day of Ukraine. In 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012’s University team participated in intercollegiate competition named the Day of Fatherland Defender, which became annual function in Kharkiv. Students compete in pulling, tug of war, weight lifting, running for 100 yards, swimming 50 meters. The University took second place in this competition among 26 universities in 2012.

The university regular sports sections are as follows: volleyball, indoor soccer, basketball, weight lifting and sports around, unarmed combat, chess, women’s all-around strength. The greatest success has been achieved by teams in volleyball, weight lifting, indoor soccer, chess.

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