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Aeronautical Engineering program at Kharkiv University of Air Force blends flight training with academic study to provide a firm foundation in airline, corporate, and commercial or government aviation. The curriculum includes state certification as a multi-engine, instrument-rated commercial engineer. Students also get to learn about and fly aerial vehicles and develop problem-solving skills with computer simulations while preparing for a career as a professional engineer. Housed in the aeronautical engineering department, this program prepares students for a career as a professional engineer. Students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills using computer simulations while becoming skilled in mathematics, physics, communication, business, and aeronautics.

Aeronautical engineering course at Kharkiv University of Air Force prepares students for technical jobs in the aviation industry. Kharkiv University of Air Force has been consistently recognized as one of the best aviation universities – offering Aviation Engineering, Aircraft Maintenance and Avionics courses in Ukraine.

The aeronautical engineering is available as either a flight or non-flight major. Choosing aeronautical course without flight provides a strong foundation in applied math and engineering for a career in a technical aspect of aviation, while aeronautical course – flight prepares you for a career as a professional engineer.

Gain Air Craft Practical Experience

Whether you want to be an aeronautic designer, airport manager or aviation safety expert, an aeronautical engineering degree from Kharkiv University of Air Force develops a strong background in aviation through hands-on experience in modern aeronautical technology and industry best practices. First-year students get started right away taking core courses like Introduction to Aviation Physiology and Aviation Meteorology.
Seniors complete advanced aviation security and advanced aircraft course work, and meet recruiters from major airlines at university career fairs. Students also gain valuable experience through internship opportunities. Aeronautical engineering degree students have access to first-rate computer labs and the Basic Aviation Training Device for hands-on learning.

After studying Aeronautical Engineering the students may accelerate their careers in:

[zilla_column column=”one-half”] · Accident Investigation/Prevention
· Aircraft Crew Members
· Aircraft Manufacturing
· Airport Management
· Aviation Maintenance
· Aviation Safety
· Consulting
· Education/Instruction/Training
· Ground Support Services
[/zilla_column] [zilla_column column=”one-half” last=”true”] · National Security
· Logistics
· Operations
· Management
· Air Craft Engineering
· Sales and Marketing
· Spacecraft Operations
· Technical Writing
· Transportation and Distribution Services

Today, there are more than 5,000 students studying at the University. The total area of the laboratory facilities at the University is more than 100 thousand square meters. Training sessions are held in classrooms equipped with computers and simulators. In the laboratory of the modern type there are settings applicable for studying of various flying phenomena and air processes within academic disciplines.

The University is constantly expanding opportunities for the application of software while studying process developing total network access to the electronic library of the University, as well as the World Wide Web. During the past two years in the educational process more than 200 newly created software items have been implemented by the University staff. In order to assist those who intend to get practical skills the University provides air crew practical training at the training center with the training ground, training airfield, training facilities, sports complex and other structural and support units.

The University has a unique library, which is one of the best libraries for aeronautical engineering as well as in general national education system database. Technical and research books count more than 1.3 million books, and more than 100 thousand books of imaginative literature are present at the library.

According to the requirements of the Bologna Charter, further development of the University is directly focused on integration into the European education together with professional and social generation of experts eligible for air force maintenance service and qualification responsibility for society and state growth.

The main source of research and teaching activities of the University lies in its lecturing staff which numbers 48 doctors and 394 PhD. Among them, 55 professors, 186 Assistant Professors, 103 Senior Research Fellows, 1 Laureate of USSR Council of Ministers, 15 Honored Scientists of Ukraine, 1 Honored Scientist of Ukraine, 2 Honored Inventors of Ukraine, 2 Honored Workers of Education of Ukraine, 2 Excellent Graduates School, 2 Honored Workers of Education of Ukraine, 3 Distinguished Innovators Ukraine, 1 Honored Worker of Higher School, 2 Honored Coaches of Ukraine.